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'Great Baddow Oral History' is the title of a book published in December 2003. The book resulted from a 3 year project by the Oral History team belonging to the Local History group of the Baddow and Galleywood U3A.

A number of residents of Great Baddow were interviewed by the Project Team (consisting of Dr. Ken Nickol Ann Whalley, Allen Buckroyd (team leader), Brian Barker (Local History Group Co-ordinator), Sylvia Tingey, Vera Evans, Pauline Cutmore, Hugh Cutmore and Norman Tingey ) and their reminiscences were transcribed into subject areas. The chosen contributors had many years experience of village life, and some were born in the early decades of the 20th century. Local junior schools also provided interviews with children in their final year at the school, giving a useful comparison between school life now and fifty years ago. Other contributors provided written notes about their connection with the village. The subject areas were refined into chapters, edited and printed. The resultant 200 page illustrated book has proved very popular and has sold over 1,500 copies (so far).

Chapter Headings for the Oral History.

1. Setting the scene 2. Village Life 3. Shops & Businesses 4. Family Life 5. School 6. Farming 7. Working in Great Baddow 8. Leisure 9. Wartime experiences 10. Religion 11. Transport 12. Health 13. Historic Events 14. Mischief & Misdemeanours 15. Footnote

A synopsis of the book may be viewed here

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