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Here is our most recent collection of photos taken during the construction of Heron Gate. Heron Gate is a development of 53 apartments by Weston Homes on the site of the now demolished Marrable House. Earlier photos of the construction taken during 2016 can be viewed here.

Phase 1 Occupation Begins, 24th July 2017

The first block should have its first occupants arriving today, 24th July - latest news from our Heron Gate specialist reporter Amy. The scaffolding and hoarding has been removed and it certainly looks a lot easier on the eye than its predecessor, Marrable House. Initial landscaping can be seen in the top photo below. Amy also tells us that there was a water leak on site 3 weeks ago, and the showroom got flooded. The pavement next to the sale office was dug up and has not yet re-laid.

Included below are a couple of photos taken earlier in July to show that the new bricklayers are making good progress with the third floor of the main block.

Weston Homes Heron Gate opens
Weston Homes Heron Gate 3rd floor 2017 Weston Homes Heron Gate 2017

Phase 1 Nearly Ready, 13th June 2017

The first block is now being readied for occupation from July. The scaffolding is coming down and we can get a clearer picture of what the finished buildings will look like.

Weston Homes Heron Gate Nearing Completion 2017 Weston Homes Heron Gate 2017

Site Slowdown, 31st May 2017

Our roving reporter Amy has been chasing the builders for a progress report and has come back with this :- All of the plots throughout the whole build are on sale now - the smaller block will be handed over to customers towards the end of July. Weston Homes have hit a delay with the bricklayers and are looking to resolve this in the very near future, but unfortunately it has delayed the programme. It is clear visibly that progress has slowed down of late.

The trees next to the walkway are causing some concern. According to the Parish Council website, a village resident has contacted them because one of the trees on the walkway to the Vineyards is touching some of the structure of that building. Amy thinks that the trees there are Norwegian spruce. The planning application for this development apparently has a tree preservation plan included, so we hope they won't get cut back or cut down since they do help the buildings blend into the surrounding area. Do keep an eye out for any prohibited action and notify the Parish Council if necessary.

Sales and Marketing Centre Opens, 12th May 2017

Despite our earlier gloomy forecast, the Sales and Marketing Centre opened on the planned date of 12th May.

Weston Homes Heron Gate Sales and Marketing Suite 2017

A Day on the Tiles, May 2017

And to top all that building work off, on 9th May the roof tiles are going on.

Weston Homes Heron Gate Roofing On 2017

Brochure Launch, May 2017

Amy has unearthed the following information for us:- found this on a website called Trident Marketing a brochure for Weston Homes Heron Gate for the sales Launch scheduled for May 12th, which is hot off the press. Here is the link to it , . It talks about Heron gate and the brochure's contents etc. Apparently the name Heron Gate was chosen to give the development a grand, exclusive feel and uses a feather logo linking back to the development name. Heron Gate was used also due to the fact there is a property called Kingfisher Lodge nearby. In the brochure there are 3 stunning images showing the two buildings in their landscaping and surroundings alongside a 3D site plan, 27 floorplans and 10 plot locators which were drawn including furniture to give a sense of scale and show a proposed layout for each apartment. Floorplans and dimensions are displayed in a clear and informative style.

Sales & Marketing Centre, May 2017

At least we now know where the Sales & Marketing Centre is going to be. Can't believe that it will be open from 12th May unless they get help from the DIY SOS team, but we'll keep you updated.

Weston Homes Heron Gate Sales Marketing Centre 2017 Weston Homes Heron Gate 2017

Good Weather - Good Progress, April 2017

It's possible to get a good impression of the footprint and relative positions of the buildings now. Our roving reporter Amy has informed us that Toby Nunn, site manager for Weston Homes on this project, was saying that from the 12th May there will be a sales office and show plot all finished with bathroom, kitchen etc. Something to look forward to for us all!

Weston Homes Heron Gate Trussed 2017 Weston Homes Heron Gate 2017
Heron Gate  in Great Baddow Heron Gate  in Great Baddow

Truss Me - I'm a Doctor, late March 2017

Not really - just wanted something interesting to say about roof trusses, but they're just bits of wood nailed together so it was difficult. However it is now possible to see what the height of this part of the build is.

Weston Homes Heron Gate Trussed 2017 Weston Homes Heron Gate 2017

All in All it's just another brick in the wall, March 2017

Brickwork is clearly going up at a good rate right across the site, now that the weather has improved slightly. Arrival on site of a batch of concrete staircases will make inter-floor access a bit simpler!.

Weston Homes Heron Gate 2017 Weston Homes Heron Gate 2017
Heron Gate  in Great Baddow Heron Gate  in Great Baddow

Heron Gate - Head Above the Parapet, January 2017

Visible signs of the two-storied section alongside Maldon Road are now clearly visible above the constructor's hoarding from the Vineyards car park. Completion by first quarter of 2018 looking possible? Final image shows crane operator sorting out a problem on the beam.

Weston Homes Heron Gate 2017 Weston Homes Heron Gate 2017
Heron Gate  in Great Baddow Heron Gate  in Great Baddow
Heron Gate  in Great Baddow Heron Gate  in Great Baddow

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